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8 of the Best Car YouTube Channels to Watch Right Now


Looking for new ways to get your car fix? Try these car-related YouTube channels to keep your mind shifting gears when you need a little entertainment.

Car Enthusiasts Rejoice!

With the internet, your car enthusiasm knows no bounds. YouTube is home to millions of videos about cars, but several channels stick out to us that we love to pass around here at the office from time to time. If you’re into cars and have some time to kill, settle in and watch a few videos to pass the time.

Donut Media

Donut Media youtube Channel
Donut Media Youtube

To learn about all things car, check out Donut Media. Home of car history, comparisons, opinions, and more, this channel gives you the answers you’re looking for and then some. Looking for a new vehicle? This channel can help you compare makes and models. Want to know how engines work? Head over to the Science Garage and find out. Donut Media offers resources for both novice and veteran car enthusiasts who enjoy learning about cars and car humor.

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Mighty Car Mods

Youtuber Might Car Mods
Might Car Mods Youtube

For a little laughter and modifications, Australia’s famous Mighty Car Mods is here to entertain you. Known as the #1 DIY Car Channel on the internet, Mighty Car Mods is a heck of a good time paired with crazy modifications done in a garage amongst two best pals, Marty and Moog. The duo takes cars ready to be modified and transforms them before your eyes in half an hour or more. Get up to some shenanigans with these two Aussies and you’ll be sure to learn (and laugh!) a lot.

Emelia Hartford

Amelia Hartford Youtube
Amelia Hartford Youtube

Emelia Hartford is known around YouTube for her builds and modifications. Based out of California, Hartford buys cars and turns them back into their best (or craziest) self. From engine swaps to complete rebuilds, Emelia vlogs her days in the garage and on the streets. For a real-life look into someone who works on cars day in and day out, check out Emelia’s channel to see what she’s up to.

TFLNow (The Fast Lane Now)

TFL Now Youtube
TFL Now Youtube

Car reviews, first looks, and opinions can be found on the TFLNow channel. The Fast Lane (Car and Truck versions) is a digital publication where car enthusiasts come together to write about the latest and greatest in the auto industry. Their YouTube channel isn’t much different than their websites, but it does offer live looks into new vehicles hitting the market, the tiny details inside each vehicle, and how well they perform. The TFLNow crew gives you real feedback you can trust when looking into a new vehicle or just wanting to know more about one before it hits production.

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Engineering Explained

Engineering Explained Youtube Channel
Engineering Explained Youtube

If you’re a science nerd, then Engineering Explained hosted by Jason Fenske is the perfect mix of science and cars. Fenske pulls apart and explains the simple to complex parts and pieces of vehicles to help those watching understand how cars work. He also reviews the overall efficiency of vehicles, the best parts to look for, and anything else under the sun where science and cars intersect. If you’re into How It Works, Engineering Explained will cover most of the bases when it comes to vehicles.

Fully Charged

Fully Charged Show Youtube
Fully Charged Show Youtube

If you’re into electric vehicles, Fully Charged is the perfect YouTube channel for you. Hosted by Robert Llewellyn and Jonny Smith, this YouTube channel is full of first looks of upcoming electric cars and trucks with insider details and test drives. One of our favorite episodes involves Volkswagen’s newest models, the Buzz and ID.

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Eric The Car Guy

Eric The Car Guy Youtube
Eric The Car Guy Youtube

Need to diagnose your car problems? Check out Eric The Car Guy. From check engine lights to part replacement tutorials, Eric really is THE car guy. With over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, this channel isn’t just for car enthusiasts, but for mechanics, too. With tutorials, tips, and tricks, you can maintain your vehicle just by scrolling through his video playlists. Check out his channel here to see what you can learn.

Harry’s Garage

Harry Garage Youtube

Harry, known for creating EVO magazine and a veteran car enthusiast, takes you through his garage of unique cars. Harry takes you through the nitty-gritty of his endless collection, as well as through his reviews of cars on and off-road. He even goes into detail about how much is spent on his garage full of cars which is just as costly as you may think. Check out Harry’s Garage and see how a true car enthusiast spends his time and money.

There’s Something for Everyone

YouTube has something for every car enthusiast. From learning how to fix your car without a mechanic to racing results, there are endless car YouTubers out there who can show you a thing or two you haven’t seen before when it comes to automobiles. Hop on, press play, and let the car entertainment begin!

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    Chuck Stevens September 8, 2020

    Another YouTube that has saved me a lot of money over the years is Bundys Garage. HE should have more subscribers than he does cause he puts out quality work. Check him out!

    1. Carsforsale.com Team
      Carsforsale.com Team September 9, 2020

      Absolutely, thanks Chuck!

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