Best 2017 Super Bowl Car Commercials

Some watch the game, others the half-time show, and others the commercials. Football fan or not, the Super Bowl has a little something for everyone. This year saw some great commercials from automakers, highlighting the newest technology and latest wave of models. If you missed them and want to see just what all the buzz is about, or just want to watch them again, here they are, ranked for Most Entertaining, Best Vehicle Showcase, Emotional, and our overall favorite 2017 Super Bowl car commercial.

Most Entertaining

1) Kia, Hero’s Journey

Not since Short Circuit 2’s montage of Johnny Five coming to the rescue has Bonnie Tyler’s “I need a Hero” been this much fun. Melissa McCarthy sets out to save the environment as an “eco-warrior” in her new 2017 Kia Niro.

2) Buick, Not So Pee Wee Football

Poof! A fun look at some of Buick’s newest models, with appearances from Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr.

3) Honda, Yearbooks

Celebrating some familiar faces who chase their dreams, Honda showcases the new CR-V as a familiar brand rolls out another impressive SUV.

Best Vehicle Showcase

1) Lexus, Man and Machine

A professional dancer mirrors and mimics the all-new Lexus LC 500, or is it the car mimicking and mirroring the professional dancer?

2) Alfa Romeo, Dear Predictable

Alfa Romeo writes a Dear John letter, leaving poor “predictable” behind and setting free the Giulia.

3) Mercedes, Easy Driver

Peter Fonda, in a fun callback to his role as “Captain America” from Easy Rider, briefly blocks in some rowdy bikers. With Steppenwolf’s Born to Be Wild playing in the background, the bikers step outside and to their amazement, see Fonda step inside a Mercedes GT Roadster and speed off down Route 66.

 Most Emotional

1) Hyundai, A Better Super Bowl

As millions of Americans watched the Super Bowl, Hyundai gave those abroad who make it possible for us back home to enjoy the game a true Super Bowl experience. This one is certainly a tear jerker.

2) Audi, Daughter

Audi reminds America that progress is in every decision that the company makes, whether it be in technological innovation, in the design of every vehicle it creates, or in equal pay for equal work for all employees. This one definitely had dads everywhere looking for the next local soap box race.

 3) Tostitos, Party Safe

A bag of chips that can save lives and give you an Uber discount code if you are over the limit? We love it! This collaboration of Tostitos and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) encourages safe driving and reminds us why it’s so important to get a ride after a night out on the town.

Best 2017 Super Bowl Commercial

Ford, Go Further

Feeling stuck? We’ve all been there and in one of these situations at least once (or twice).  Focused on Ford’s innovation, this is a fun look at the latest Ford has to offer, and they nailed it.

Which Super Bowl LI commercial is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!