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Affordability vs Practicality – Mitsubishi Mirage vs Honda Fit


Mitsubishi Mirage

Engine: 1.2L
Horsepower: 74
Fuel Economy: 37 City / 44 Hwy
MSRP: Starting at $12,995

Inside the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage:

The Mitsubishi Mirage is a subcompact hatchback that has one of the lowest cost to own prices in the automotive market. Not only is the base price of the Mirage sub- $13,000, but it is also the most fuel efficient non-hybrid, therefore making it cheap to own and cheap to drive. It’s not an overly glamorous car and doesn’t provide an amazing driving experience with only a 1.2L three cylinder engine with just 74 horses. The Mirage is available in two trim packages with the DE, and upgraded ES package. The base package comes with a bare bones package of technology with climate control, power windows and locks, CD player and 12-volt power outlet. Most buyers will appreciate the features that the additional $1,200 will cost them including pushbutton start, Bluetooth pairing for audio, and leather accents in the aesthetically sparse interior.

The Mirage is a take it or leave it type of vehicle in the sense that buyers have limited options in terms of available upgrades. If you want an inexpensive vehicle to own and drive, then the Mirage is your car. If technology is important along with safety features and entertainment packages, then the Mirage isn’t quite your cup of tea. It’s not a powerful ride and may not be the most suitable for places that get snow in the winter. It is also noted that this vehicle is a bit on the loud side during freeway driving.

Honda Fit

Engine: 1.5L
Horsepower: 130
Fuel Economy: 33 City / 41 Hwy
MSRP: Starting at $15,650

Inside the 2015 Honda Fit:

The Honda Fit is another very affordable subcompact hatchback with an entry level price of $15,650. The base price may be slightly higher than the Mirage, but with it comes the Honda line of safety features and technology. The Fit gets exceptional gas mileage with an EPA fuel rating of 33 City / 41 Hwy. The drive experience is a bit more thrilling with the 1.5L 130 horsepower four cylinder engine. Car buyers have three trim options to choose from starting with the base LX, and the upgraded EX and EX-L. In addition to the rearview camera which comes standard on all Honda models, the base package also comes standard with keyless entry and cruise control, which is not standard on the Mirage. The EX and EX-L package comes with a plethora of safety features and upgrades that take the Honda Fit from cheap and affordable to practical and effective. These include the 7.0 inch touchscreen display, LaneWatch to warn of other vehicles in your blind spot and HondaLink Connect for Bluetooth conection and integration of your smartphone.

The Honda Fit is a very viable option for car buyers looking for something very affordable yet modern with updated features outside of a simple CD player. The interior is composed of fairly basic materials but the look of the instrument panel doesn’t portray that of a cheap car. The exterior looks powerful and sporty and the driving experience provides a similar feel given the small engine size. It handles well around corners which is a huge plus in the subcompact car market.

Our Pick for Winner

Base Model: Mitsubishi Mirage

At Carsforsale.com, we can appreciate the low entry price that the new 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage has. With financing option and low lease rates, many people are able to see themselves drive their first new car. The Mirage aims to be just that; the first new car you buy. Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it’s affordable and with today’s gas prices of under $2.00/gal, you can drive a mile for under $0.05 or the price of a stick of bubblegum.

Upgrades: Honda Fit

The Mirage just doesn’t have the available features that most look for when buying a vehicle. The most tricked out option for the Mirage is likely the available backup camera that Honda includes in the Fit as standard fare. The Fit offers a far superior infotainment center and HondaLink Connect integrates apps into your vehicle’s touchscreen display. This type of technology isn’t typically available in cars with that low of a price point.

Overall Winner:

Honda Fit

While the Mirage is by far the more affordable, the Honda Fit is the most practical. The Mirage may be a more suitable vehicle in other foreign markets where price is the most important aspect in buying a new car. American’s want better technology and are willing to pay a little extra for it. Although the Mirage is much more fuel efficient, the overall driving experience is better in the Fit. The Honda Fit also comes with nearly 6 feet of additional cubic cargo room with the rear seats down (Fit = 52.7, Mirage = 47.0). More space is definitely better in the subcompact car market.

2015 Honda Fit

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