5 Incredible Facts About Charlotte Motor Speedway


On Saturday, Oct. 10th, Landon Cassill will drive the #40 Carsforsale.com car in the Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. To catch the racing action, tune into NBC at 7PM ET. Charlotte has an incredible track with a rich history. As you anxiously wait for the race, take a look at these 5 awesome facts about Charlotte Motor Speedway.

All these incredible facts about Charlotte Motor Speedway are courtesy of the Charlotte Motor Speedway website.

1. Fans Consume Incredible Amounts of Food

Charlotte Motor Speedway facts
That’s right: 34,000 slices of pizza, 13,500 feet of hot dogs, 9,500 gallons of soda and water, and 309,000 pounds of ice. 

We decided to crunch some numbers. The total weight of all food and liquid consumed in a typical weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway is 404,355 pounds. And that’s EVERY race weekend!

2. Charlotte Motor Speedway Encompasses Around 2,000 Acres

charlotte motor speedway

In case you didn’t know, an acre is a land area equal to 4,840 sq. yards. Multiply 4,840 sq. yards by 2,000, and that’s how much ground Charlotte Motor Speedway has! It’s not just the racetrack, dirt track, and drag race track. The speedway owns an industrial park with several motorsports-related businesses, a natural wildlife habitat, and more.

3. The Stadium Seats More Than Cedar Rapids, IA


Our NASCAR driver, Landon Cassill, grew up in Cedar Rapids, IA, a city with 129,000 people. At Charlotte Motor Speedway, Landon could hypothetically have his entire hometown (and then some) come watch the race.

4. The Biggest HGTV in Sports Lives at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Charlotte Motor Speedway HGTV

Just how big is 16,000 sq. feet? Well, a basketball court is around 4700 sq. feet. That means the HGTV at Charlotte Motor Speedway is bigger than 3 basketball courts combined!

5. George Washington Ate Lunch at Charlotte Motor Speedway (Kind of)

george washington Charlotte Motor Speedway

Our first president, George Washington, rested and had lunch at a house that once served as the offices for Charlotte Motor Speedway. When George visited, the track probably didn’t have a 16,000 sq. foot HDTV.

You may not have a 16,000 sq. foot HDTV to watch the race on, but don’t let that stop you from watching all the action this Saturday. For more on Landon Cassill and NASCAR, check out the NASCAR section of the Carsforsale.com Blog.