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Meet the 2020 Honda Fit


I spy with my little eye something small, fuel efficient, and reasonably priced. What is it? The Honda Fit! 

It Is What It Is

2007 Honda Fit Sport - Carsforsale.com

2007 Honda Fit Sport – Carsforsale.com  |  Shop 2007 Honda Fit on Carsforsale.com

The Honda Fit is a small, but tough sedan. There are many things to love about the Honda Fit, but before we dive into the specs, we’ll take you through the journey of a driver who has driven a Fit for well over 7 years and who is about ready to get rid of it, but it just keeps on running.

A Tale of (Honda) Fitness

We all know that Hondas can last for years and years, but for one driver their Fit just keeps trucking along despite all odds. Eric, a resident of Louisiana, has owned a Honda Fit for over 7 years. His once beloved Fit, aptly named Old Faithful, can be seen puttering around the streets despite its many encounters on the road.

Get Wrecked & Keep Trucking

2007 Honda Fit - Carsforsale.com
2007 Honda Fit - Carsforsale.com

For starters, Eric bought the car from its first owner that had previously wrecked and rebuilt it in 2007. After a year of owning the car and being a new-to-manual driver, the Fit found itself in another wreck but was easily mended by Eric and his local team of neighbors and family members.

The best news for potential Fit drivers, though not for the Fit itself, is that Eric didn’t follow a strict maintenance schedule for 4-5 years as he drove his way through high school and into college. Despite not keeping up with the car on a regularly, Old Faithful trucked along without any major hiccups, until 2017 (10 years after Eric bought the car from its first owner).

2007 Honda Fit 1.5L I4 Engine - Carsforsale.com
2007 Honda Fit 1.5L I4 Engine - Carsforsale.com

In 2017, the car was showing some sign of wear as the bad paint job the car had received with its first owner began to chip and the A/C stopped running here and there. Eric, being the handyman he is, decided to replace the parts needed in the A/C himself for roughly $400 and says that the parts for his Fit have always been cheap.

The car is now at 165,000 miles and has only had minor work done other than the A/C. At 150,000 miles, Eric changed the spark plugs (Again, parts are ridiculously cheap! – Eric) and he is now replacing a few sensors that are going out currently. Eric says, “Seems like things have started to fail around 155,000 – 165,000, although it may also be because the car is now 13 years old and the plastic pieces are starting to degrade.”

13 Years and Counting

But with 13+ years under its belt, Old Faithful continues to get Eric through his 100-mile commute every day at 30-35 mpg. Eric and Old Faithful have shared a bond for many years and even though it’s the Little Fit That Could, he will miss her so, “Even though she is beat up, the paint is peeling from a bad paint job that the guy I bought it from gave it when he fixed it the first time, and the interior is falling apart from age and neglect, I will definitely miss this car when it comes time to put it out to pasture. Although at this rate that will be either when it gets destroyed in a wreck (a fender bender would probably be enough for my insurance to call it totaled), or the inevitable heat death of the universe.” Whichever comes first right?

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2020 Honda Fit Is Still a Great Car

2020 Honda Fit - automobiles.honda.com

2020 Honda Fit – automobiles.honda.com  |  Shop 2020 Honda Fit on Carsforsale.com

Now that you know how well a mid-2000s Fit can hold up against the test of time, let’s compare it to the 2020 model. The Fit remains as durable, fuel-efficient, and roomy as its predecessors, if not more so. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what you can expect from this little tank of a sedan.

Fuel Efficiency

2020 Honda Fit 1.5L I4 Engine - automobiles.honda.com
2020 Honda Fit 1.5L I4 Engine - automobiles.honda.com

You won’t get an adrenaline rush while driving it, but you may get one every time you stop to fill up at the gas station. The 2020 Honda Fit gets roughly 36-40 mpg on the highway and 30 mpg in the city.

A Roomy Interior

2020 Honda Fit Cargo Space - automobiles.honda.com
2020 Honda Fit Cargo Space - automobiles.honda.com

With just over 52 cu. ft. of cargo room, due to the fuel tank being mounted under the front seats, the Fit offers enough room to get comfortable and carry the essentials with you. Up to 5 passengers will comfortably fit in this subcompact sedan, but it’s more like 4 if you want a little more elbow room.

Well Priced

2020 Honda Fit Collision Mitigation Braking System™ - automobiles.honda.com
2020 Honda Fit Collision Mitigation Braking System™ - automobiles.honda.com

Starting at $16,190, the Fit is reasonably priced, even as the trim levels move up. Optional blind spot technology, collision safety systems, and lane departure warnings are available starting at the Sport trim level and up, too.

Fun to Drive

2020 Honda Fit - automobiles.honda.com
2020 Honda Fit - automobiles.honda.com

The Fit is not just a practical car to drive around town, it’s also fun to get behind the wheel. Whether you choose the manual or automatic transmission, the car shifts effortlessly, and it really is like real-life Mario Kart.

What’s Not to Love?

2020 Honda Fit - automobiles.honda.com
2020 Honda Fit - automobiles.honda.com

There’s not much to dislike about the Honda Fit. The only people we can think wouldn’t like the Fit are those who expect SUV-size space or power. The Fit isn’t the most powerful subcompact, but it saves you lots of money on gas and still has enough room for the whole family. If you’re looking for a commuter car or for a brand-new car that’s reasonably priced and best in its class, the Honda Fit is for you.

What do you think about the Honda Fit? Let us know in the comments below!

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