2015 Carsforsale.com Search Bowl – Seattle vs New England

With all the talk flying around about #deflategate or ballghazi, a lot of sports fans have lost sight in what is really important with Sunday’s big game between Seattle and New England; who is going to win. Rather than focusing on whose shut-down corner back is better at intercepting balls or if the #12 on the field for one team is better than the #12s off the field for another, we decided to look at cold hard statistics to solve the question on everyone’s mind.

Last year, Carsforsale.com came up with an objective way to pick the winner of the Super Bowl. The result, The Carsforsale.com Search Bowl was born. According to the 2013 Population Census, Boston has a population of 645,966 while Seattle has 652,405 residents. Given they are roughly the same size in population, this should be a good matchup.

Here’s how it works:
Football is a game of the 11 best players from each team playing against each other. We took the top 11 most searched vehicles on Carsforsale.com from both metro areas of Boston and Seattle. For example, if the Chevrolet Impala has 8,300 searches in the Seattle area, their team gets 8,300 points. The team with the most points, or searches on Carsforsale.com, gets our vote for winner of Sunday’s big game.


Congratulations to New England for winning the 2015 Carsforsale.com Search Bowl. The numbers used to find our winner were the vehicle searches on Carsforsale.com for a 50-mile radius surrounding the Seattle and Boston area. These numbers were compiled over a 30 day period prior to the big game.

Regardless of how the action on the field plays out and where we land with our prediction, we at Carsforsale.com are most excited about the many 2015 car commercials playing throughout the game. However, not to toot our own horn, but we did correctly guess last years’ winner would be Seattle. Toot. Toot.