2014 World Cup Finals Stars and the Cars They Drive

The 2014 World Cup has now come and gone. The United States Men’s National Team captured the hearts of many American’s, who now have a much deeper love for the sport. However, in the end, it was Germany who ultimately triumphed in the 2014 World Cup, defeating Argentina in a very exciting final match.

Here are some of the Stars from the World Cup Final, and the cars that they drive. We at Carsforsale.com appreciate quality cars, and clearly all of these players do too.


Manuel Neuer  (Goal Keeper – Germany) – Audi RS6 AvantManuel Neuer - GK
*Photo Credit: Manuel Neuer Facebook Page

Manuel posted this picture to his Facebook fan page back in 2013. The 6’4″ German keeper opted for the roomy RS6 when given the car from Audi after the partnership with Neuer’s team; FC Bayern Munchen.



Jerome Boateng  (Centre Back – Germany) – Mercedes Benz CLK 63 Jerome Boateng



Mesut Ozil  (Midfielder – Germany) – Ferrari 458 Italia Mesut Ozil




Thomas Muller (Forward – Germany) – Audi S5 Thomas Muller




Mario Gotze and Bastian Schweinsteiger (Midfielder – Germany) – Audi Q7 TDI Bastian Schweinsteiger









FC Bayern Munich signed a partnership with Audi and as a result the entire team was treated to new Audi’s. Six players including Mario Gotze and Bastian Schweinsteiger opted for the Audi Q7 TDI; both of whom went on to play and win the World Cup. Manuel Neuer also received the Audi RS^ listed above at this time.



Lionel Messi (Forward – Argentina) – Maserati Gran Turismo Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi is one of the highest paid soccer stars in the world. He definitely likes to spend a good portion of that money on some pretty amazing vehicles. In addition to the Maserati, Lionel also own a Ferrari F430 and Audi R8 Spyder,



Javier Mascherano (Midfielder – Argentina) – Audi Q7 Javier Mascherano

Clearly the car to buy if you want to feel like a world famous soccer player is the Audi Q7. Not only is the German soccer team winners on the field, but German car manufacturing wins off the field as well.