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10 Incredibly Easy Car Hacks You Can Try Today



Hacking isn’t just for computer nerds or lumberjacks anymore. These 10 car hacks are so easy, you can try them out today. Whether you want to ride in greater comfort, save money on accessories, or impress your friends, these easy car hacks will take your driving to the next level.

1. Cool Down a Hot Car Instantly

Hate it when your car becomes a greenhouse/sauna/oven in the middle of the summer? Try rolling down the passenger window, then opening and closing the driver’s door rapidly. This easy car hack will effectively exchange some of the hot air trapped inside with the air outside the vehicle.

2. Organize Your Trunk with a Shower Caddy

We all have a few loose items in our trunk. A simple shower caddy will corral those items into one convenient, transportable package.

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3. Use a Plastic Cereal Container as a Trash Can

Car Trash can

Courtesy of www.bhg.com

If you spend any time in your car at all, you’ve probably got some trash on your vehicle floor. Plastic cereal containers are tall and slim, so they hold plenty of trash without getting in the way. Simply use plastic grocery bags as trash bags, and you’re set!

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4. Store Coins Like a Boss

Drive through windows are stressful. You’re handed food, drinks, condiments, napkins, more food, change, and then you’re expected to drive away! Of those items, change usually gets neglected. Using a simple mint container or M&M’s Minis container, you can keep your coins in check, giving you easy access to change for your next transaction.

5. Create Your Own Smart Phone Holder

smart phone holder

Courtesy of www.imgur.com

Not willing to drop cash on a GPS or a car with navigation? Mount your smart phone on the air vents using a simple rubber band. Remember, keep your eyes on the road when driving. If you want to set or adjust your GPS, always be sure to pull over the car.

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6. Use Dryer Sheets as Air Fresheners

Why spend a few bucks on an air freshener when you probably already have a few hundred in your house? Sticking dryer sheets in your air vents and running the AC will refresh the smell of your car in no time.

7. Keep Food Warm with Heated Seats

The expectation of a hot slice of pizza is often too much to handle when the whole pie sits in your passenger seat. To make sure you won’t need to microwave food when you get home, crank up the heated passenger seat to help maintain the temperature.

coffee kleenex cup

Courtesy of www.curbly.com

8. Put Tissues in a Coffee Cup

Placing a tissue box in a car is usually difficult. The back seat is too far away, the center console is too full, and reach to the passenger floor is dangerous. With a pair of scissors and a coffee cup, you can have the cutest and most convenient car tissue holder ever.


9. Use a Shoe or Duct Tape as a Cup Holder

This isn’t the most attractive car hack of the bunch, but if you’re driving an old car without the “luxury” of cup holders, a roll of duct tape in the passenger seat will do the trick. If you’re getting really desperate, most shoes will accomplish the same task.

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10. Use Pool Noodles to Protect Your Car Doors

Maintain your vehicles appearance and value in a slim garage with a cheap pool noodle. Either cut a slit in the noodle and slip it over a 2×4, or cut it in half and drill it into the wall horizontally. No longer will you need to worry about your doors when removing big and bulky items from your car.

windshieldCar hacks won’t fix everything.

Sometimes you’re better off trusting a professional.





When car hacks just aren’t enough, search Carsforsale.com to find your next set of wheels. With millions to choose from, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at the best price.

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