10 Car Themed Father’s Day Gifts Under $100

Car themed fathers day gifts

Father’s day is June 21st. If this is news to you, you’re at the right place. From washing the car, to helping us change our first tire, dads are known for teaching us how to maintain and care for a car. What better way to repay them than with an automotive gift? Carsforsale.com is outlining some of the most affordable car themed Father’s Day gifts.

Fathers day gifts 6-Speed Gear Toilet Plunger

This 6-speed plunger is unlike any plunger you’ve ever seen. This is a great gift for the dad who loves cars and a good laugh. Whether your dad finds it funny, functional, or both, he’ll love the automotive touch this adds to the bathroom.


Detailing Kit

Does your dad love detailing his car? You can easily create an affordable auto detailing kit that he will love. If you have no idea where to start, you can refer to our auto detailing article, or an automotive store associate should be able to help. You can add some or all of the following items to your kit:

  • auto detailing kitAutomotive cleaning wipes
  • Wax
  • Polish
  • Tire cleaner
  • Clay bar
  • Headlight restore kit
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Leather cleaner
  • Automotive window cleaner


Fathers day giftsCordless Tire Inflator

Even if dad owns an air compressor, this cordless tire inflator could certainly come in handy. It’s light, convenient, and portable. This cordless drill-styled inflator will also work for bike tires, recreational balls, and more.


Fathers day gifts Tire Bowl

Whether it’s cereal or soup this tire bowl will bring out the inner-child in your dad. Complete with rubberized tread and chrome hubcap lid, your dad may never use another bowl in his life.



Fathers day gifts Handheld Car Vacuum

Buying your dad this handheld car vacuum with give his car a convenient clean. It’s both light and powerful, being only three pounds with 500 watts of power. This vac also comes with a crevice tool, dust brush, and upholstery nozzle.


Fathers day gifts 1965 Pontiac Hubcap Clock

This vintage Pontiac hubcap clock would look perfect in your dad’s garage or man cave. This seller also creates clocks from other makes and models, so there’s bound to be the perfect clock for your father.



fathers day giftsStanley J309 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter

If your dad doesn’t have a portable jump starter, he needs one. This is the perfect product to avoid costly, dangerous, and annoying road emergencies. This pack has 600 peak battery amps and 300 amp instant starting power. With the pivoting LED light, it’s the perfect roadside tool.


Fathers day gifts Corvette Tire Gauge Kit

Is your dad a Corvette man? Then he’ll love this Corvette Tire Gauge Kit. This little kit will fit perfectly in a glove compartment. The hard shell aluminum case features a classy “Corvette” stamp. Inside the case is a flashlight for roadside emergencies, a pen to jot down mileage or maintenance, and a tire gauge.


fathers day gifts6 Speed Gear Shift Cufflinks

These 6 Speed Cuff Links are perfect for any gear-head. Your dad would probably rather be in the garage than at a formal event, but at least he can express his enthusiasm about cars in his formal attire.


bacon air freshenerBacon Air Freshener

Of the car themed Father’s Day gifts we found, the bacon air freshener is by far the most unique. Yes, a bacon air freshener. If you dad loves the smell of bacon in the morning, this will be the perfect addition to his car. No matter how tempting it is, encourage your father to avoid consuming this yummy-smelling piece of cardboard.



To all the dads out there, thank you. The values and skills you teach have greatly impacted our lives. To those out there with great dads, make sure you let your father know with one of these great car themed Father’s Day gifts.

If you feel like going all out this Father’s Day, why not find your dad a new set of wheels on Carsforsale.com? With millions to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect car for dad.