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10 Awesome Benefits of the RV Lifestyle

Darrek Olson
10 Awesome Benefits of the RV Lifestyle

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler; solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”
– Henry David Thoreau

To seek the RV lifestyle is to pursue simplicity. The RV lifestyle is one enjoyed by thousands across the United States. It takes a lot of courage to reduce and condense your belongings to fit into a vehicle, but doing so can be incredibly rewarding. If you’re considering the RV lifestyle, here are 10 awesome benefits you’ll receive if you partake in this adventure.

1. Freedom

There’s nothing wrong with establishing deep roots, but there is an entire world out there beckoning your presence. From the Colorado Rockies to the Florida Keys, we are fortunate to live in a beautiful country. The RV lifestyle is the perfect way to experience it. No check out times, and no extra fees for the great view. You won’t need someone to feed your dog, water your plants, or mow your lawn while you’re gone.

2. Time

RVs do require care and maintenance, but it’s often less than that of a home. No more hours spent vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, and sweeping. In less than an hour you can usually have the inside of an RV looking as good as new. Less time cleaning leads to more free time. It’s more than just more free time. With the RV lifestyle you are free to ignore time. Do you like a location you’re parked? Stay an extra week. There are no planes to catch and no deadlines to meet when you return home.

3. Adventure

Beyond that white picket fence, a lifestyle of adventure awaits. The RV lifestyle is one of beautiful uncertainty. You can go anywhere, whenever. Stop at a public campground in the city, or venture off into the most remote state park you can find. Spontaneous adventure is around every bend when living from an RV. No need to worry about a schedule, just go explore this beautiful country.

4. Weather

10 Awesome Benefits of the RV Lifestyle - Weather

You can chase the weather you desire and run from the weather you don’t. Enjoy the warmth of Texas in December, and the mild summers along the north shore of Lake Superior during July. There’s nothing better than constant climate control.

5. Family

If you’re a parent with children and grandchildren across the country, what better way to visit them than in your own home? No need to leave the comfort your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. The RV lifestyle allows you to visit family for extended periods of time without being intrusive. It’s hard to beat time spent with loved ones, so why not spend as much time as possible with them?

6. Simplicity

Humans are incredibly good at making life more complicated than it needs to be. Rather than overloading ourselves with plans, deadlines, chores, schedules, and more, why not take a different approach? The RV lifestyle forces you to own less and live more.

7. Luxury

10 Awesome Benefits of the RV Lifestyle - Luxury

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Accepting simplicity doesn’t mean rejecting luxury. Modern RVs can be incredibly luxurious. Of the three classes of motorhomes, class A have the best amenities. From huge TV’s to heated floors, you can be just as comfortable in an RV as a home.

8. People

The RV lifestyle is perfect for building relationships. Aside from visiting friends and family, you’ll have the opportunity to meet other RVers at campgrounds across the entire country. RV travel could perhaps introduce you to lifelong friends that you would never meet without an RV.

9. Camping

10 Awesome Benefits of the RV Lifestyle - Camping

Enjoy the pleasures of camping combined with the comfort of home every single day. If you love camping, there’s no easier way to camp than with an RV. Cook a breakfast over the fire and lunch over the stove. Sleep under the stars one night, and in a cozy bed the next. The amenities and storage space of an RV allow you to stay at camp grounds for extremely long periods of time.

10. Workamping

Don’t have enough money to leave your home and travel full time? Workamping is simply any job you can do while RVing. You’ll find entire websites devoted to workamping. There are a variety of full-time and seasonal jobs available from delivery to sales. Often these jobs revolve around the campsite/tourism industry, to fit the lifestyle of RVers.

The RV lifestyle combines the comforts of home with the thrill of travel. There is no better way to experience the country, its people, its cultures, and its natural wonders. If you’re ready to begin this journey, search Carsforsale.com to find RVs for sale near you. Want to learn more about recreational vehicles? Check out our other RV week articles.

Darrek Olson
Darrek Olson

Darrek is an enthusiast driver who values the journey more than the destination. A self-proclaimed Miata fanboy, his obscure knowledge of cars sometimes prevents him from remembering what he had for breakfast.

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